The Islands Group
The Islands Group

The Islands Group is all about making travel in the Philippines an unforgettable experience. Plain and simple passion for service, understanding what the market needs, and drive to deliver great value have shaped the Islands Group into the multi-awarded brand it is today.


Retail is not often considered as a legitimate part of the tourism industry, but we’ve made some headway with our concepts.


With its Tours division, the Islands Group aims to provide unique and novel ways of experiencing the Philippines.


The Islands Group draws from its experience to provide useful and updated information on the Philippines, relying on the Islands brand as a travel authority.


The Islands Group goes into hospitality, while implementing its ideas and observations of what today’s modern-daytraveler needs. Its first venture into hospitality is Islands Stay Hotels. Plans for an upscale resort in Malapascua are under way.


The Islands Group counts on tourism as a sustainable enterprise, and enforces why we do what we do.


Drawing on the Islands Group’s core strength, its design division conceptualizes creative and meaningful designs that make an impact.


The franchising arm of The Islands Group supports the thrust of the organization to utilize franchising as a method of expansion.