The Islands Group is at the forefront of tourism business development that goes beyond the usual hotel-and-travel-agency scope, and we’re keen on being the go-to company to manage this unprecedented growth. We want to act on business opportunities that we feel will enhance the travel experience in the Philippines, and contribute to its development.

The Islands Group focuses on the ancillary market and relies on an ever-growing influx of tourists, the domestic travel trend that’s fast gaining momentum, while developing the growth of the local market as well. As such, the Islands Group is the best tourism-oriented organization poised to handle this, with brands that have stood the test of time and its successful pursuits in entrepreneurship.


Own an Island today.

If you feel that your area has high potential for tourism growth, the Islands Group has a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries to help you capitalize on this.


  • Islands Souvenirs
  • P.i.
  • I Heart
  • Islands Stay


Email diagelia@theislandsgroup.com with your letter of intent and we’ll get in touch.