Our Islands Foundation

All Islands Group efforts have always been strongly rooted in advocacy for the environment and entrepreneurship. We do our best to employ people in local communities and educate them to help preserve the environment, while enabling them to make a positive difference with sustainable tourism initiative.

In line with this, the Islands Group has its own corporate social responsibility efforts under Our Islands Foundation. Environmental conservation starts within our company. In the early 90s, Islands Souvenirs was one of the first  companies in Cebu to have tree-planting activities for its employees. We also have a recycling program in the company and we donate used, recyclable items like tarpaulins and scrap cloths to various organizations. We also make a conscious effort to involve and educate employees, such as taking them on Eco-tours and demonstrations.

Environmental consciousness also reaches outward with our retail projects, such as our “Orange is the New Green” reusable tote campaign and coastal cleanup/mangrove planting activities, where we partner with grassroots organizations and enjoin volunteers to help out. Specific subsidiaries such as the Talima Adventure & Water Park donate a portion of their revenue to environmental causes.

Our Islands Foundation also recognizes entrepreneurship as a way of enabling underprivileged communities. While keeping the principle of fair trade in mind, the Islands Group retail division stocks and sells locally-made food products and handicraft items in its outlets.

As the Islands Group grows, Our Islands Foundation hopes to expand its efforts and influence, making more of an impact with regard to how we relate to the environment, while providing sustainable tourism-based entrepreneurship opportunities to the local community.