Philippine Islands (P.I.)

Spurred by the rising sentiment of nationalism among the youth, and drawing on destination-based apparel as its core strength, Islands Souvenirs recently launched Pi early last 2009, featuring modern, patriotic designs, and a fresh take on apparel. Dubbed P.i. for Philippine islands, it shared its manifesto of wearing one’s pride and the notion that the Philippines in itself is a brand to be proud of.

It’s a different take on destination wear, but it’s surely one that proves Islands Souvenirs’ flexibility and ability to cater to different markets. Where Islands Souvenirs’ market was once concentrated on the transients and balikbayans, Pi’s youthful slant attracted the younger market and introduced them to the Islands Souvenirs brand. Coupled with Islands Souvenirs’ experience in retail and franchising, Pi has the potential to make a big impact, not just in terms of market share but in terms of nation building and community mindset as well.

Pi features various brand ambassadors that have made an impact and inspired pride in their own fields, such as Gabby Alipe, the lead vocalist of Urbandub, one of the more popular rock bands that produce Original Pinoy Music (OPM).