Islands Banca Cruises Media Treat

The Freeman (April 30, 2009) — It was such a perfect way to officially usher in the summer season when Islands Banca Cruises (IBC) recently hosted a get together for the members of the media for a day of sun, sand, sea and sumptuous treats capped off by a stunning sunset cruise.

To start the fun-filled and exciting day, the media guests were escorted via private shuttles to the newly-renovated Islands Souvenirs Flagship Store at the Marina Mall Mactan. It was a shopping experience as guests received key summer items such as Ipanema flipflops, Beach Hut sunblock, Mobile Wonders pouches and other goodies. After loading their loot bags with goodies, everyone then headed to the Islands Banca Cruises dock where they were well-received by the IBC crew –who were clad in the iconic orange color of IBC – with shell necklaces. Two Butanding bancas (the largest boats) awaited the guests, both fully furnished with beanbags, ipod docks and a wide sunbathing deck.- amenites that set the IBC boats from the usual run-of-the-mill bancas. Everybody got on board and the launch was finally all set to go.

The tour took off as Islands Banca Cruises made their first stop at Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary where media folks enjoyed exciting activities like snorkeling and fish feeding as well as soaking up the sun with ice cold drinks, chips and salsa on deck and chillout music for the ears. It was truly a feast for the senses.

The cruise continued on to Pandanon Island, an island in Getafe, Bohol, just in time for lunch. A grand feast for a grand event, the guests indulged in a sumptuous seafood buffet of fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, squid, and with the addition of two whole roasted pigs. After such a meal, the guests settled down to enjoy Pandanon to its fullest – the Islands Banca Cruises way. People lazed on beanbags by the beach, pumped up some energy with kayaking and even enjoyed a private massage at the specially set up tent complete with seven masseuses all ready to pamper. Islands Banca Cruises certainly made no exceptions in giving the best of their services.

And just when everyone thought they had seen it all, the crew had prepared one last surprise to cap off the day. The ride home to Mactan was no ordinary boat ride. On deck were the skilled bartenders of Formo, handing out bottomless servings of their famous tasty mojitos and sangrias. Those who left on the first departure to the city even saw pilot whales. Cocktails, music, and a sunset cruise – there was definitely no better way to end the launch.

With the success of their media launch, there’s no doubt Islands Banca Cruises will make a big splash not only this summer, but all year round.

Islands Banca Cruises (IBC) is a subsidiary of the Islands Group and is aimed to not only raise the ante and make island hopping truly world-class just as Islands Souvenirs did with souvenir shopping but establish Cebu as the Islands Hopping Destination and Capital of the Philippines. Islands Banca Cruises saw tthe opportunity to improve on an existing and thriving industry by providing first-rate activities for a premier tourist destination such as Cebu.

Islands Banca Cruises (IBC) takes its visitors to discover new island destinations such as Pandanon, the marine sanctuaries of Nalusuan and Gilutungan, the Olango Bird Sanctuary and has put together creative packages and services that Cebu can truly be proud of. Activities and special trips such as sunset cruises, massages, lechon and barbecue picnics on board the banca or on a sandbar, theme parties or a candle-lit dinner for two, can all be arranged. Snorkeling, scuba diving, fish feeding, sea kayaking and dolphin watching are some of the many possibilities while on an Islands Banca Cruise. All packages are customized according to the chosen destinations and services and to suit every traveler’s needs.