Islands Group opens value hotel chain

For a company that focuses on serving the traveler’s needs in the Philippines, the Islands Group’s latest venture into hospitality seems like a natural direction. It’s most recent addition to its ever-growing travel-focused portfolio is Islands Stay Hotels, the first of its kind in its niche.

The hotel chain is part of the Islands Group’s five-year plan to bolster Philippine tourism.

For Islands Stay, location is key. Its first two hotels are situated at highly prized locations – Archbishop Reyes and the Marina Mall intersection in Mactan – with popular food and shopping establishments within walking distance. Their central locations also provide ease of access and several transport links assuring that the independent-minded traveler is easily mobile for whatever his purpose.

The hotel is modeled after the Japanese concept of no-frills accommodations, catering to the modern-day traveler. Islands Stay may be a new concept in the Philippines, but such a concept is gaining ground elsewhere outside of the country. Some examples would be Ace Hotels in the US, Tune Hotels in Asia, or Ibis Hotels in Europe – all these chains focus on pure and simple accommodations without the unnecessary accouterments that result in high room rates and hidden costs.

Independent travelers are usually on-the-go and end up skipping on hotel amenities that have been paid for, like the daily breakfast. Research has shown that travelers prefer a quick bite for breakfast compared to sitting down for a full-scale buffet when that time could be used for exploring the area and finding something new. It’s a similar concept to low cost airlines finding that meals on the plane are one of the more practical things to do away with, in turn passing on the savings to the customer.

Islands Stay draws on the Islands Group’s expertise in retail with Islands Souvenirs. It has gone as far as labeling rooms XL, L, M, and S – emphasizing user-friendliness from the moment guests book their rooms to the moment they check out. “Until today, travelers get confused by ‘deluxe’, ‘superior’, and ‘standard’ room classifications,” Jay Aldeguer, Islands Group President and CEO, explains. Rooms are comfortable and well-equipped, with quality beds and linen, rain showers, flatscreen TVs, and free wireless broadband access in rooms. The Islands Group is renowned for its value-driven retail experience (having won the PRA Hall of Fame award) and translates this idea into Islands Stay.

The Islands Group has an extensive database of customers stemming from its endeavors in retail, adventure, media and design, and seeks to deliver its trademark Islands Way service in that respect. “Just because it’s a value hotel, it doesn’t mean you won’t be treated well,” says Aldeguer. Islands Stay provides its signature cold towels and a personalized gift as you check in — guaranteeing that from beginning to end, guests have a truly delightful experience. Even the design of the hotel adds value to guests, coming from Aldeguer’s involvement in the creative industry – saying that guests don’t need to book in an expensive hotel to enjoy good design. It’s a philosophy that carries over to the other subsidiaries of the Islands Group.

Islands Stay is set to open more rooms in Cebu, building from 30+ rooms in Archbishop Reyes and 50+ rooms in Mactan to a total of 400 rooms in key locations in the city. Aside from this, Islands Stay is expanding its accommodations service to Baguio and Palawan in the near future.

Islands Stay Hotels

Islands Stay Hotels is a new value hotel chain that focuses on strategic locations at low prices. Its first two hotels are situated at highly prized locations in Cebu– Archbishop Reyes and the Marina Mall intersection in Mactan – with popular food and shopping establishments within walking distance. While equipping each room with the traveller’s modern needs, Islands Stay Hotels does without the unnecessary accouterments and amenities that jack up room cost.

The Islands Group

Synonymous with travel and tourism, the Islands Group is the leading brand for tourism services in the Philippines. It is a holding group for diverse tourism-oriented companies that focus on underserved needs of travelers in the country, starting from premier quality souvenir items (Islands Souvenirs) and eventually expanding to other subsidiaries nationwide, with various pioneering components in retail, hospitality, adventure, tours, and design.