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Spanning several components in design, retail, media, adventure, and tours, the Islands Group seeks to fill in the gaps and market needs within the tourism industry. Here is a brief overview of the companies in the Islands Group’s ever-growing portfolio.



Retail is not often considered as a legitimate part of the tourism industry, but we’ve made some headway with our concepts.

Islands Souvenir

Islands Souvenirs

This is the brand that started it all and paved the way for the Islands Group. Premium quality souvenir items tell the story of your Philippine experience.

PI apparel

Philippine Islands (P.I.)

Nation-inspired apparel for the younger set, P.i. (short for Philippine Islands) focuses on pride of place and love of country.

Islands & More

Islands & More

It’s the one-stop travel essentials store that revolutionizes the lobby-shop concept with strategic locations, high-performance brands, and competitive pricing.


With its Tours division, the Islands Group aims to provide unique and novel ways of experiencing the Philippines.

Islands Banca Cruises

Islands Banca Cruises

The Islands Group changes the way we do island-hopping with Islands Banca Cruises, with professionally-trained crew and an guest-inspired upgrade from the usual outrigger banca used by locals.


The Islands Group draws from its experience to provide useful and updated information on the Philippines, relying on the Islands brand as a travel authority.

Islands Magazine

Islands Magazine

Islands Magazine is a free quarterly magazine geared towards domestic travel and the best that the Philippines has to offer. With a wide distribution network aided by the Islands Group’s retail experience, this new publication was launched early in 2011.


The Islands Group goes into hospitality, while implementing its ideas and observations of what today’s modern-daytraveler needs. Its first venture into hospitality is Islands Stay Hotels. Plans for an upscale resort in Malapascua are under way.

Islands Magazine

Islands Stay Hotels

Islands Stay Hotels is a value hotel chain that capitalizes on prime locations while offering low room rates. By offering no-frills accommodations, Islands Stay caters to the modern-day traveler.

Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The Islands Group counts on tourism as a sustainable enterprise, and enforces why we do what we do.

Islands Magazine

Our Islands Foundation

Rooted in love for environment and spirit of entrepreneurship, Our Islands Foundation seeks to educate and empower, starting from within the Islands Group of Companies to the local community.



Drawing on the Islands Group’s core strength, its design division conceptualizes creative and meaningful designs that make an impact.

Islands Magazine

Islands Design

An offshoot of Islands Souvenirs’ strong design culture, Islands Design creates and conceptualizes designs for corporate gifts, shirts, and visual merchandising requirements.